Twice Buried

Distilled in Royal Deeside

Twice Buried is our golden Caribbean Spiced Botanical Rum distilled in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. We have sourced the best local botanicals with fresh strawberries from Barra Berries complimented with Aberdeenshire Honey, salted caramel and a warmth of spices.

Twice Buried
Twice Buried

Our Spiced Botanical Rum

Our rum is blended with pure Royal Deeside Spring Water. This brings the delicious and truly unique flavour we call ‘The Twice Buried experience’.

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Twice Buried

And so the tale begins… According to Aberdeenshire folklore, Mary Elphinstone had been married to a local laird for only a few weeks when she fell ill after her honeymoon. Within a matter of days, Mary had sadly passed away.

Mary’s lifeless body lay pale yet strangely serene as the heartbroken laird arranged for her to be buried in her bridal gown along with her cherished diamond wedding ring still on her finger. Unknown to the unsuspecting mourners, watching the burial from afar were Jock and James, a couple of local rogues. They had overheard conversations around the town about Mary and her wedding ring, and while supping on a bottle of local rum they were hatching a drink-fuelled and devious plan! Late that night under the light of a full moon, they made their way to the cemetery and began to dig up the fresh grave. Uncovering the casket, they lifted the lid and their eyes widened as the beautiful gem sparkled in the moonlight. However, try as they might, they couldn’t free the ring from Mary’s finger. Desperately, Jock pulled out his pen

knife and began to cut Mary’s finger. If he couldn’t get the ring on its own then he’d take the finger too! But as he began to slice, to his horror, Mary awoke from the dead, bolted upright and let out a chilling scream that pierced the darkness, sending the hapless pair running into the night in fear and disbelief! Mary had never been dead!… She had simply been in some strange state of unconsciousness and was suddenly awakened by the grisly grave robbers’ skulduggery! And there ends the story of “Twice Buried Mary” who went on to live a long and happy life with her husband, eventually being buried again in exactly the same place decades later. Peacefully laid to rest… OR WAS SHE?…

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